Team work

TABARA 3Like any other ministry of God, the ministry with High School students has its own challenges and difficulties. How can you make the young people of today, who seem to lack interest in spiritual issues, to think about God and the plans He has for their lives!

How can you encourage them to ask themselves questions and choose to obey God and give their lives to Him? That’s a hard endeavour. In fact, not only hard, but quite impossible for man!

Those were the thoughts swimming around our minds at the beginning of summer as we prepared for the Speak Out English Camp that would take place July 17-22. We realized if we did not come together in prayer – every missionary and ministry partner – for each High School student who would be there, we won’t be able to do much.

There were 31 High School students who participated, and it was an extraordinary camp where we saw the power of God at work. God used everything that happened there – the English classes, the personal discussions with each student, the games, the Story of the Soul evenings – to touch the hearts of the students, so that in the last evening most of them indicated they wanted to have a new and changed life, filled with the presence of God. We know that all of this happened because of the faithful prayers offered up by the wonderful people who partner with us in ministry. They prayed with us for each and every student and God blessed our work

together. Through this camp we have seen once again how important it is to work as a team (missionaries and ministry partners) for furthering God’s Kingdom in the world. May God be praised for this! 

Campus Crusade for Christ Annual Conference

CONF NATIONALA 2 Every year, together with our families, all the missionaries in our   organization participate in an annual conference where we celebrate God’s faithfulness, dream towards the future of the ministry and we charge our spiritual batteries through worship, messages from the Scriptures and fellowship with one another.
This year the conference was EXTRAORDINARY!
The theme of the conference was about the community of Campus Crusade for Christ, an extended family who celebrates together the works of the Lord, who grows together in faith and who works together for furthering His Kingdom. The guest speaker was Pastor Emil Bartos.

You can see below some encouraging facts that we celebrated at the conference. Here are a few statistics from our previous ministry year:

People with whom we initiated an evangelistic conversation: 74,026

People to whom we presented the whole message of the Gospel: 13,711 (plus 738,510 who read our evangelistic articles on the internet through our two sites: and )

People who indicated a decision for Christ: 1,328 (plus 13,148 decisions indicated on-line)

People who participated at our family events organizedbytheFamilyLifeDepartment: 2,296

New small groups: 208
Volunteers involved in the ministry: 580
New missionaries who joined our staff this summer: 4
Missionaries who have been on the mission field with us fom more than 20 years: 12
Missionaries who have been with us in the ministry for more than 15 years: 8

All these things made us look to the future with hope and faith. By the year 2020 we want to see over 5,000 new multiplying disciples. We believe that God can do this and more!

Please pray that God would do special things in us and through us in the new University year!

High School Ministry

Youth at the Threshold of Life or the High School Ministry

Picture1Young students are like a wet cement. Whatever falls on them leaves a mark and they are also easier to shape. A Christian role model can have a great influence and impact in a student’s life and not only but as well through them, in their parents and teachers lives.

There  are over 3 000.000 students in Romania and 850. 000 of them are high school students. Only 1% of them are born-again Christians. The rest of them need Christ in their lives! Our goal is to share the Gospel person to person with each high school student from every high school in Romania.

For sharing the Gospel we mostly use one to one discussions, we approach different themes of interest for their daily life  in small group evangelization and seminars and camps (big group evangelization).

We have learned that one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with high school students is to connect with them on their fields of interest and to respond to a certain felt need. That is why we use tools that respond to their needs:  poor self image, loneliness and insecurity, peer-pressure, lack of real friends, fear of commitment, drug use, alcohol, immorality, sexually transmitted diseases, rampant abortion, etc. So, we  to share the Gospel in a natural environment.

Through Bible study, prayer and a healthy community we help them grow in their journey with the Lord and become the young men and women that God created them to be. We help them center their lives on Christ. They are mentored either by a staff or by a more mature believer in knowing how to grow spiritually as well how to reach out to others with the gospel. Our desire is to see students growing in their faith and being equipped to help others after them to grow as well. We want to develop multiplying leaders for Christ and the Great Commission.

Our desire is to fulfill the Great Commission in Romania and to the ends of the earth through International projects, exchange programs with Christian students from other countries, short term and long term international mission teams.