Summer camp project

Come alongside us to reach Romanian students for Christ

Each summer we have multiple summer projects with 60 to 100 Romanian college students participating in each one. Our goal on these projects is to teach our disciples the Word of God, train them how to do evangelism and send them out to share the gospel with the non-Christians students who attend the camps.
Since 2003, we have sought to bring non-Christians students (ones that have shown an interest in spiritual things) on these projects to show them the love of God through the environment that is created and to present the gospel to them.

For the last three years we have had believers from the US who have come to help us with our summer projects. They have had a significant impact in our students’ lives through their testimony and ministry. They also have helped our local staff team in preparation for giving leadership to the project.

Every year we would like to invite groups of 20-30 Americans to come alongside us to help us in our ministry on each of our summer projects. People who would like to join us can register individually or as a group from your church.


How can you, or your group, help us in ministry?

  • Teach English at an English camp
  • Support one or a few students to come to the camp
  • Plan and present crowd-gathering activities
  • Lead small group discussions on some basic Christian teachings or disciplines
  • Share your personal testimony
  • Be involved in one-to-one evangelism
  • Prepare an American cultural event (presenting the American culture, values and art), evangelistic or not.
  • Teach the Word of God

Practical details

Financial Requirements: Approximately $2000


· airline ticket to Romania
· Housing and food during camp – aprox. $250
· Transportation inside the country – $100
· Scholarship Fund $250*

*the scholarship will be used to help students who are unable to attend the camp for financial reasons and give them an opportunity to hear the life changing message of the Gospel.

Info and registration

The main goal is to meet college students  immediate felt needs, build relationships, trust and bridge to the Gos­pel in a natural and relevant way.

Dates: July 25’th– August 3’rd


Personal Development seminars and workshops, English classes and small group interaction, games and interaction on professional, social and spiritual needs

Expectations American guests:
 we are praying for a team of 20-30 Americans to join us for the whole 9 days, strong believers with a heart for the lost, ready to serve, able to easily relate to university students, energetic, able to lead a small group and interact one on one with Romanian students  and in a small group setting.

English Classes Structure:

3 groups: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
The main goal is to help them improve their communi­cation and create an environment that would encour­age them to speak English as much as possible.

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Contact: Cristian Voiculescu