Reach the world for Jesus this summer in Romania! July 24-31

Yes, that is right!  

Cluj, one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Romania was designated the European Youth Capital City for 2015. Therefore, Cluj will be full of young English speaking youth this summer. Cluj also has one of the biggest student population in Romania.

Your opportunity

This summer is a unique window of opportunity to touch hundred of young people from around the world for Christ. Give them a chance to know Lord Jesus!

What will we do exactly

You will join a group of Romanian students from all over Romania. In the mornings we will have great worship an teaching from the Word of God. In the afternoons we will have very practical apologetics seminars and in the evenings we will be out meeting people and sharing the Gospel using the “What’s your worldview” roll-up banners.  Most of the students speak pretty good English, besides, there will be people traveling from across Europe to visit Cluj so there will be plenty of opportunities to share the Gospel in your language.

What’s Your Worldview Strategy

This a fun and interactive way to engage with people in conversations about their spiritual life.  Last year, this strategy allowed us to share the Gospel with over 100 people in the city of Brasov. In fact it was so good that after we left, the participants from Brasov organized another campaign on their own.  There is a roll-up banner that has a Worldview chart allowing people to discover their perspective on the meaning of life and God. We just walk people through it and ask them a couple of questions before asking for permision to share with them our worldview. 90% of them say yes, giving us the opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

When: 24-31 of July

Financial Requirements: Approximately $2500

Including: Airline ticket to Romania Housing and food during camp – aprox. $250 Transportation inside the country – aprox. $250  Please plan to join a couple of days early so you can get accoustomed to the new time zone and plan to leave a couple of days after the project if you wish to do a little bit of sight seeing.

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