Team work

Like any other ministry of God, the ministry with High School students has its own challenges and difficulties. How can you make the young people of today, who seem to lack interest in spiritual issues, to think about God and the plans He has for their lives!
How can you encourage them to ask themselves questions and choose to obey God and give their lives to Him? That’s a hard endeavour. In fact, not only hard, but quite impossible for man!

snow mountains

Those were the thoughts swimming around our minds at the beginning of summer as we prepared for the Speak Out English Camp that would take place July 17-22. We realized if we did not come together in prayer – every missionary and ministry partner – for each High School student who would be there, we won’t be able to do much.

There were 31 High School students who participated, and it was an extraordinary camp where we saw the power of God at work. God used everything that happened there – the English classes, the personal discussions with each student, the games, the Story of the Soul evenings – to touch the hearts of the students, so that in the last evening most of them indicated they wanted to have a new and changed life, filled with the presence of God. We know that all of this happened because of the faithful prayers offered up by the wonderful people who partner with us in ministry. They prayed with us for each and every student and God blessed our work together. Through this camp we have seen once again how important it is to work as a team (missionaries and ministry partners) for furthering God’s Kingdom in the world. May God be praised for this!