Students ministries

Students of today – leaders of tomorrow share the Gospel person to person with every college student from every university in Romania

Give them multiple, attractive and clear opportunities to receive Christ as their personal Savior and Lord through Evangelistic events: seminars, conferences, small groups, retreats.

Helping students to grow through small group Bible studies, prayer meetings (including fasting and prayers weekends), and training-conferences for the purpose of building movements on every campus.

  • Our magazine created for students is considered by many the best student magazine in Romania. The articles are very enticing for students, while several articles present the gospel clearly. This magazine has made us a ”known commodity” among the Romanian students since starting its distribution several years ago. Each year we distribute at least 70.000 magazines which means exposing 30% of all the college students in Romania to it and prayerfully to the gospel as well.

  • Students that desire to know more are involved in discipleship. They are mentored by a more mature believer in knowing how to grow spiritually as well how to reach out to others with the gospel. Our desire is to see students growing in their faith and being equipped to help others after them to grow as well. We want to develop multiplying leaders for Christ and the Great Commission.

  • Helping to fulfill the Great Commission in Romania and to the ends of the earth through International projects, exchange programs with Christian students from other countries, short term and long term international mission teams. For seven years now, we have been sending people to a large country in Asia as part of short term as well as long term teams. They are pioneering ministries to students who may have never heard the name of Christ. We presently have seven Romanian staff serving on long term teams. In 2001 we joined the CCC Serbian ministry to help them reach Serbia for Christ. We sent a team of four Romanians to open a ministry on a campus with no previous ministry. We now have three staff serving full time in Serbia.

Targeting high-school students and teachers
changed teachers influencing generations of students for Christ

After so many years of communism, we were not prepared for the problems facing our youth: poor self image, loneliness and insecurity, peer-pressure, lack of real friends, fear of commitment, drug use, alcohol, immorality, sexually transmitted diseases, rampant abortion, etc…

YTL is striving to bring the solution through a faith based curriculum teaching ethics, morals, etc… into the highschools of Romania through:

  • Symposions for teachers training them in using the curriculum as well as other pertinent topics.

  • Manuals and video-tapes containing the curriculum material to be used by teachers as well as the Jesus Film.

  • Teacher training for those who will train other teachers.

  • Special events at Christmas, Easter, etc… to minister to the teachers outside of the classroom.

  • Bible studies for teachers.