Churches with impact

Targeting every individual in Romania giving every man, woman, and child multiple,attractive opportunities to hear the Gospel

We have been implementing a plan to saturate the entire nation of Romania with the gospel through:

  • Equipping men and women in evangelism and discipleship for a life-time of service.

  • Theological training equipping church leaders.

  • Involving new believers in small groups for their growth and development

  • Marriage conferences for Christians and non Christians.

  • Partnering with local churches.

  • Jesus Film showings in every city and village.

  • Developing mass media tools.

  • Jesus Film for children being shown across the country.

Targeting every family in Romania

The many years of communism in Romania have left their mark on thefamily. They have also left a society without any basis for knowing howto have a healthy marriage and family. Alcoholism especially amongmen is a large problem affecting many families. Babies beingabandoned, adultery, abuse, divorce, etc… are all on the rise since theend of communism.

Family Life is striving to reach families with the gospel andthe hope of healthy families through:

  • Family Life Conferences created especially for singles teaching Christian principles on relationships and preparing for marriage.

  • Family Life conferences geared towards Christians and non-Christians marrieds and after marriage.

  • Seminars on child rearing including dealing with adolescent and the challenges they bring.

  • Encouraging churches to sponsor Family Life conferences for their members and to reach out to those in their communities.

  • Encouraging churches to begin Home Builder Bible studies for those attending the conferences as a follow up

Targeting future and current military leaders sharing the Gospel with the cadets of today, reaching the military leaders of tomorrow

Preparing military personnel for eternity through:

  • Reaching military academy cadets and faculty.

  • Reaching military personnel and their families.

85% of army leaders come out of the military academy. Our ministry tomilitary personnel began here at the academy.

Targeting student and professional athletes victory beyond competition

Sports are popular in Romania. Soccer players and other athletes are very well known and are influencing many, especially the youth.Athlets in action is striving to take the gospel to these future and current influencers through:

  • Organizing soccer tournaments to develop relationships and present the gospel.

  • Winning the hearts of men through their favorite sports.

  • Creating DVD’s with testimonies and interviews with sports celebrities presenting the message of Christ. Using a special athletes edition of the New Testament for opening doors to athletes.